How Healthcare Facilities Can Use Vision AI

As a former Executive Director for an assisted living and memory care facility, I witnessed aging adults reach a point in their lives when cognitive impairment affects their physical ability to maintain balance causing  uncontrollable falls. A fall can become a life changing moment for any senior who is living at home and especially in a healthcare facility. These falls can sometimes result in back-to-back emergency room visits for injuries such as broken bones and severe head trauma.

It is crucial for healthcare professionals and caregivers to understand the nature of falls in order to implement effective Fall Prevention Plans specifically tailored to individuals. Historically, tools such as bracelets and other wearable devices were the go-to solutions for healthcare facilities to monitor such incidents. However, many wearable devices have proven uncomfortable, get easily damaged, or lost.


Recently, we are seeing a smarter, more effective approach to the same problem of addressing falls among seniors. Thanks to Vision AI technology, facilities can have the freedom to confidently continue to monitor their residents without any physical interference. While the concept remains the same — alert healthcare providers and caregivers in the event of a fall — Vision AI uses camera sensors that don’t interfere with daily life, get easily damaged or lost. Plus they only activate when a fall is detected. An alert will then be immediately sent to members of the care team for further evaluation. Thus, allowing our seniors to age in place with dignity.

During my time managing an assisted facility of 100+ residents, one of the most common questions from families whose loved one experienced a fall was how they fell in the middle of the night. Until now, we have only been able to speculate why Ms. Jones* took  a hard tumble — perhaps more confusion in the late hours of the night or an object in the way of a walking path. But now, the placement of a Vision AI device over Ms. Jones’ highly trafficked living areas allows the care staff of the facility to see and understand exactly what is  contributing to Ms. Jones’ fall pattern. In many cases, the cause can be  a slipper left in the walkway or the distance between the bed and restroom is too far. With the help of Vision AI, the care staff can make data-based changes to minimize the risk of future falls.

With the advancement of Vision AI technology, facilities now have the ability to understand and reduce falls for their residents. This type of solution can also be seen as a win-win for all parties involved — residents will be able to obtain a higher quality of life and the facility can retain their client base for a longer period of time. I hope with the introduction of Vision AI into the senior care industry, it will help bridge the gap between healthcare and technology for the future.

Join us in Building the Vision AI Platform of the Future

We’re Hiring!

I started working with the company known as YI Technology when it launched in the US in 2015. I was inspired by the founders’ vision and tenacity to take on GoPro in the action camera space and loved the excitement of working for the “David” in a “Goliath” market. I was granted permission to be bold in communications — a PR person’s dream — and journalists embraced it.

It’s been a wild ride watching this company grow, take shape, establish roots in California and spin off to become Kami Vision, the AI company it is today. Five years later (a long time in a millennial’s career journey!) I’m still energized by the vision to use technology for good in the world and to keep people safe. And I’m grateful to be part of a team that inspires me and pushes me to grow everyday.

There is a multi-billion dollar opportunity to build an AI platform that shapes our future world in the same way the iPhone changed how we connect, communicate and consume information. Now, it’s all about expanding the team with exceptionally talented people to continue to make that vision a reality.

Kami is a place to grow both personally and professionally. Much like the crab that can only grow by periodic molting of its shell, working at Kami has forced me to shed old beliefs and habits in order to expand into new skin. It’s an uncomfortable process but as they say, discomfort is the only way to grow. Culturally, I believe a company is so much more than free lunches and standing desks — though we do check the boxes there. Life at Kami is fast paced and ever changing. We have audacious goals. The work feels meaningful, the vibe is collaborative and the people are awesome.

I sat down with our CEO and CTO to ask what they look for in talent and here’s what they told me:
  • Deep desire to explore uncharted technologies
  • Creativity and ability to think outside the box
  • Eagerness to learn quickly and solve problems efficiently
  • Highly customer focused
  • Passion!
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Clear grasp of engineering/marketing/sales concepts
  • Desire to rally behind one common goal to make vision AI widely accessible
  • Flexibility and an entrepreneurial mindset
If that sounds like you, check out our current openings here. We’d love to meet you!

We are Kami Vision

Why we are divesting out of the hardware business

For the past three years at Kami we have poured our blood, sweat and tears into building a thriving security camera business that keeps five million consumers and their families safe in their homes. During that time we introduced 10 new products, established a company headquarters in San Jose, California, expanded our team to more than 50 employees and gained deep insight into AI. We’ve learned a lot about our strengths, solidified our values as a company and we’re ready to grow. That is why we have shifted our focus to working directly with businesses to extend the reach of our edge-based, vision AI technology to improve the lives of more people.

With any growth, we must leave behind a world that is familiar and comfortable to run towards a big, shiny opportunity. These are the reasons we are divesting out of the hardware business, but remain close friends.

We know our strength is in software development.

Our vision is to democratize AI and one way we can do this is by partnering with those we once considered competitors. We collaborate as partners with IP camera OEMs, rather than compete with them, giving us flexibility and opportunity to address multiple verticals.

Increased agility promotes longevity

A business is a living organism that needs space to breathe and grow. Like any living being, maintaining high levels of flexibility can have a favorable influence on longevity. Coming out of the hardware space makes our company lighter, more agile and flexible to expand and pivot as the world changes.

Expanded reach = More AI for good

By building a platform that is hardware nd AI model agnostic, we can address many verticals like healthcare, security, industrial automation and retail to name a few. Each industry has different hardware needs, but their software requirements are consistent — AI vision analytics model management, cloud storage, notifications, user management, search and camera management are common across the board.

Recently someone asked me what my ideal job is. I said I love technology and love to help people so I would like to do something where technology can help the masses lead better lives. As an individual, I know my reach is limited, but with the use of technology, millions of people can benefit. As CEO of a computer vision company I see that this technology can solve many problems in the world and I’m driven by that desire to positively impact more people.

Vision AI can be used to alert people in distress during emergencies, improve food quality and reduce waste and bring peace of mind to people living far away from loved ones. This is why I feel fortunate to lead the journey at Kami Vision and make AI vision technology accessible to all.

Thank you to all our consumers for their support and rest assured nothing will change with your Kami home security product experience– we have the ultimate trust in our hardware partners. And a huge kudos to the team who has been working tirelessly to bring Kami Vision to the world.

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