How Medical Alert Companies Can Use Vision AI

As Ms. Jones* wakes up in the middle of the night feeling the need to relieve herself, she pushes herself out of bed and begins making her way to the bathroom. The same bathroom that she has been to using thousands of times. As she slowly makes her way closer to the door, something catches her foot, and Ms. Jones takes a fast, uncontrollable tumble. She lands hard on her right side and is unable to move. With the possible chance of a fractured hip or broken femur, Ms. Jones is in an extreme amount of pain. Usually, during an unfortunate occurrence like this one, Ms. Jones would be able to call for help by pressing her medical alert pendant and reaching a live dispatcher to assist. Since this occurrence happened in the middle of the night and her pendant that she normally wears around her neck is set aside hanging from her walker, Ms. Jones is unable to reach it and can only pray that her children will come to her aid soon enough. If she had access to a medical alert company using Vision AI.

Elderly woman in front of a mirror

Scenarios such as this happen more frequently and to more seniors, than we think. In today’s world, medical alert devices are designed to give us an extra sense of security when our loved ones are left aging at home or in a senior community. However, today’s current medical alert devices have noticeable limitations and really only work when the situation allows it.

At Kami Visionwe have innovated a new solution that allows medical alert companies to deploy a vision-based response system that has the ability to capture the entire story and immediately alert the responsible parties of the occurrence. By reducing risks and giving seniors the confidence to move freely, as they always have, allowing them to go about their day without worrying about forgetting, losing, breaking, or being uncomfortable with wearable type devices.

If Vision AI had played a role, the story of Ms. Jones’s unfortunate event should happen as follows: As Ms. Jones makes her way to the familiar bathroom, her foot gets caught on something and takes a tumble. Because Ms. Jones has a Vision AI-powered Fall Alert System recently installed, her fall is captured and immediately an alert is triggered and sent to the responsible parties as well as any professional monitoring service she might have subscribed to. Emergency services would have been notified right away and Ms. Jones’ unfortunate occurrence may have had a better outcome.

We at Kami Vision see Vision AI as the future for medical alert response with the help of medical alert companies. The data gathered can help create a custom daily care plan for each individual using such technology. We would be able to use this information post occurrence to predict, prevent, and protect for the future. Because seniors today are staying more active and prolonging their independence, it is essential we have a safety system that can keep up with their means.

*Name changed for privacy purposes