Join us in Building the Vision AI Platform of the Future

We’re Hiring!

I started working with the company known as YI Technology when it launched in the US in 2015. I was inspired by the founders’ vision and tenacity to take on GoPro in the action camera space and loved the excitement of working for the “David” in a “Goliath” market. I was granted permission to be bold in communications — a PR person’s dream — and journalists embraced it.

It’s been a wild ride watching this company grow, take shape, establish roots in California and spin off to become Kami Vision, the AI company it is today. Five years later (a long time in a millennial’s career journey!) I’m still energized by the vision to use technology for good in the world and to keep people safe. And I’m grateful to be part of a team that inspires me and pushes me to grow everyday.

There is a multi-billion dollar opportunity to build an AI platform that shapes our future world in the same way the iPhone changed how we connect, communicate and consume information. Now, it’s all about expanding the team with exceptionally talented people to continue to make that vision a reality.

Kami is a place to grow both personally and professionally. Much like the crab that can only grow by periodic molting of its shell, working at Kami has forced me to shed old beliefs and habits in order to expand into new skin. It’s an uncomfortable process but as they say, discomfort is the only way to grow. Culturally, I believe a company is so much more than free lunches and standing desks — though we do check the boxes there. Life at Kami is fast paced and ever changing. We have audacious goals. The work feels meaningful, the vibe is collaborative and the people are awesome.

I sat down with our CEO and CTO to ask what they look for in talent and here’s what they told me:
  • Deep desire to explore uncharted technologies
  • Creativity and ability to think outside the box
  • Eagerness to learn quickly and solve problems efficiently
  • Highly customer focused
  • Passion!
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Clear grasp of engineering/marketing/sales concepts
  • Desire to rally behind one common goal to make vision AI widely accessible
  • Flexibility and an entrepreneurial mindset
If that sounds like you, check out our current openings here. We’d love to meet you!