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We’re always looking for exceptional talent, people who are as passionate as we are about using AI to shape the future of the world. If technological innovation drives you, if the future of AI and what it can do excites you, and if you want to contribute to the world in a way that matters, we’d love to talk to you. 

Here are just a few reasons why people love working at Kami Vision.

  • Paid Time Off plus additional national holidays.
  • Generous medical benefits including dental & vision.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Daily catered lunch.
  • 401K matching up to 6%

Work Culture

At Kami Vision, we put our employees first. Our culture of inclusion ensures that everyone on our dynamic team feels at home in the workplace. We value innovation and welcome new ideas, new talent, and new team members.

Be at the helm of innovation with us

At Kami Vision, we are always looking for exceptional talent who are as passionate about shaping the future of the world with the help of AI as we are.

If technological innovation drives you, If the future of AI and what it can do excites you and if you want to contribute to the world in a way that matters, Kami Vision is just the place you need to be in.

Vision AI is the future

We’re well within the digital age of AI where the world has come to recognize the potential, value, and requirement of data insights. The future of any business is now determined by how well it leverages its.

Vision AI unleashes data points we never knew existed and has immense potential to shape areas of operational excellence, behavioral analysis, and security across industries and verticals.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in equal opportunity, irrespective of ethnicity, caste, creed, or gender. Our strict policies against any form of discrimination ensure the safety and comfort of all our employees.

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Embedded AI Engineer

Kami Vision makes advanced, practical vision AI affordable and accessible for any consumer and business. As an Embedded AI engineer, you will integrate computer vision

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DevOps Engineer Role

A Devops engineer combines the understanding of infrastructure provisioning, application packaging, deployment and programming. The goal is to build automation around the following tasks: infrastructure

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